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Short Version: I am an IT analyst, consultant and regular contributor to a number of technology publications including Diginomica, TechTarget and AvidThink. I specialize in deep technology analysis, consulting and writing for vendors, industry organizations, publications and anyone who needs my brand of Keen, Relevant, Meaningful (KRM) research, insight and communication. From the VT100 to the Google Cloud, for 30 years my world has revolved around technology. Coming out of Stanford with a BS and MS in Electrical Engineering, I started as an EE developing transistors and fabrication processes, went on to Bell Labs to design integrated circuits, and evolved into an IT architect for HP designing systems and networks. Lately, I’m found analyzing and reporting on all things IT, focusing on cloud infrastructure, services, security and modern applications, with a helping of DevOps tools, automation methods and IoT coverage for good measure.

Background: Now focused on technology analysis, consulting, technical content development and IT commentary, I’ve had a varied career that has spanned virtually the entire high-tech food chain from chips to systems to cloud services. Upon graduating from Stanford University with a BS and MS in Electrical Engineering, I spent several years as a semiconductor device physicist, doing process design, modeling and testing. I then joined AT&T Bell Laboratories as a memory chip designer and CAD and simulation developer.

I made a major career and lifestyle change to move back to my hometown of Boise, Idaho by joining Hewlett-Packard. I started in their laser printer R&D lab doing electrophotography research, for which he I earned my only patent (a second one seems permanently stuck as pending), but a love of computers and systems eventually led me to join HP’s nascent technical IT group. I spent 15 years as an IT engineer and was a lead architect for several enterprise-wide infrastructure projects at HP including their Windows domain infrastructure, remote access service, Exchange email infrastructure and managed Web services.

For the past 15 years, I have been a frequent contributor to many IT trade and consumer technology publications and industry conferences, along with working with companies to creagte sponsored research, reports and Webcasts.


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  3. James Maguire

    Hi Kurt, I’m the editor of eWeek — we’ve met a few times over the years. And on Twitter. Are you available to write freelance about enterprise IT topics? What would you charge?


    James Maguire


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