Discussing energy policy and climate science with Vinnie Mirchandani

By | November 11, 2021

I greatly enjoyed an extensive discussion with my friend Vinnie Merchandani (@dealarchitect) on the many nuances underlying energy policy and why simplistic narratives around climate and the Earth’s ecosystems serve to distort the discussion and resulting policy proposals.

As Vinnie says on his site:

We discuss the slow progress at which renewables – solar and wind in particular – are scaling, Germany’s disappointing decade with them (see more in my note – The road to energy hell is being paved with good intentions ) and why the new US administration thinks it can do better. We also discuss why the French model with nuclear, the Iceland (and Kenya) model with geothermal, and the Norwegian hydroelectric model are not getting more attention.

We discuss emissions in Brazil, Russia, India, Indonesia China, S.Africa and other countries which continue with plenty of fossil fuels. Kurt has an interesting perspective on CO2 emissions. We discuss why the West appears to be shackling itself when their investment and progress away from fossils is being nullified by that in the developing world.

My goal is to take the discussion back to economic and scientific realities (and unknowns) and out of the political cesspool and cartoon characterizations in which talking points and pseudo-religious mantras replace reasoned debate.