2018 in review: Cloud expertise becomes an IT necessity

By | December 30, 2018

From my Diginomica column looking back on highlights from the world of enterprise cloud computing.

2018 in review, part 1 – a year in which cloud competency became an enterprise IT requirement as it moved onto managing complexity.

Business man stepping on clouds towards sun outline © red150770 - Fotolia.comFive observations on a significant year for cloud competency…

(1) Mainstreaming public cloud

The year began with fresh evidence of enterprises treating public cloud services as legitimate alternatives to private infrastructure, a view that was only reinforced later on by events, whether it was record attendance at AWS re:Invent, VMware and AWS expanding a partnership that enables legacy systems to run on AWS infrastructure or Oracle making a last-ditch push to establish cloud bona fides and forestall a mass migration from its applications. Nevertheless, we’re still in the early stages of enterprise cloud adoption. As I wrote at the time, …

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