For Hospitality Business, Mobility is Mandatory

By | June 16, 2015

For hospitality executives and their partners, failing to build a first-class mobile experience could be a mistake of existential proportions. In this business, providing a home away from home has always been the goal. And that requires a solid wireless network foundation to support customer requirements and new mobile apps. In this report (registration required) I detail how hospitality businesses and their IT partners can meet the mobile challenge.

In the hospitality business, providing a home away from home has always been the quintessential goal. Make guests happy and comfortable and they will become loyal customers and unpaid spokespeople that spread your brand while extolling your service. In today’s tech-centric lifestyle, where a person’s day literally begins and ends with smartphone in hand, the hospitality industry’s vision of creating the “third place” between home and office, where guests feel so familiar and comfortable they want to return requires more than down pillows and a flat screen. Today’s transitory home must be built for our mobile device lifestyle. High-quality wireless Internet is table stakes: hospitality customers increasingly expect a mobile app for reservations, check-in, property directions, payment and (soon) even room access. Sadly, both survey data and our personal experience say that many properties fail on the basics: offering mediocre (or worse) Wi-Fi service, while charging for the privilege. But in the mobile era, this is about as big a turnoff as cockroaches scurrying through the bathroom.

Source: Forrester Research

Source: Forrester Research

Hospitality executives must develop a mobile mindset that guides a strategic redesign of business processes and guest amenities as seen through the lens of mobile-centric customers. However, it’s impossible to execute some of the most innovative ideas percolating through the hospitality braintrust, things like smartphone room access, mobile payments and other app-based services without solid network infrastructure. This starts with reliable, secure, high-performance and free, yes free, guest Wi-Fi access and ends with a mobile app that reduces the friction between a guest and your business processes for things like reservations, room upgrades, services and billing. It’s imperative that hospitality executives and their partners build a first-class mobile experience. Not doing so could be a mistake of existential proportions. Here’s why and how to meet the mobile challenge.


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