Creating the Omnichannel Customer Experience

By | May 11, 2014

The nexus of mobile, social, cloud, and big data is radically reshaping the business world, nowhere is the upheaval more dramatic than in areas with high customer engagement: retailing, financial and communications services, travel, customer service and technical support. Indeed, the world of customer service has been turned upside down. Forget about waiting on hold for 20 minutes and explaining your problem three times to three different people. Today, customers have been conditioned by instant, everywhere access to information and resources to expect answers now and in context, namely answers and information that reflects the customer’s profile and prior interactions. It’s called the omnichannel customer experience and I outline the basics here.

The rapid adoption by consumers of new types of technology (e.g. smart phones, social media) have led to the consumerization of customer experience. This change in how customers interact with businesses impacts more than just the customer service department. It can be seen in everything from client devices and applications to IT infrastructure and application provisioning. Collectively, the proliferation of mobile, social and cloud-based technology has permanently altered consumer behavior, notably in how people learn about, evaluate and buy things, how they share opinions about products, retailers and service providers with an ever-widening circle of online friends and the ways they expect to access documentation and support.

This white paper (registration required) provides the full details.