Welcome to MarkoInsights

By | May 1, 2014

Welcome to MarkoInsights, my new online home where you’re all invited to join in what I hope will be a mutually beneficial exploration of the always fascinating world of technology, where the implications for business, personal life and society have never been greater. We collectively are inventing the future and I hope to provide insights into not only what is happening, but why and what it all means. 

As I wrote in an inaugural column for Forbes:

Information technology has always been a tumultuous enterprise, and every era has its share of inspiring innovation and disappointing flops, however the nexus of cloud, mobile, social and big data technologies means this era of technology history is more exhilarating than normal for both end users and IT practitioners alike. I plan to explore these topics and more in this column, where my interest is to share what’s new and exciting in IT and discuss the implications for business and consumers alike.

The daily technology news cycle can be overwhelming, but as someone who has been writing about technology for over 8 years, after a 20+ year career designing, developing, planning and implementing technology of almost every type — semiconductor fabrication processes, integrated circuits, laser printers, enterprise IT systems and networks — I understand there’s a need and hunger for insights that add understanding and meaning; that are, as my slogan (inspired by my initials: KRM) highlights, keen, relevant and meaningful. Such reflexive insight can’t be shackled to the news cycle, but takes time. Don’t come here for breaking news, but I hope to provide content, whether links to work published on other venues or exclusive posts here, that helps make sense of the news, adds context to buzzed-about trend, identifies the implications to both businesses and individuals and ultimately provides useful ideas and recommendations.

Since I am both writer, editor and publisher, there will be some personal opinion, critique and occasional snark. My goal is to keep things interesting, which means while you don’t always agree, and are occasionally offended, I’ll strive to be fair and respectful. I hope you enjoy the content, tell your friends and colleagues and join in a dialog via the comments or through my various social network connections. If there’s something you don’t like or feel can be improved, let me know. Like you, I’m here to learn. Let’s get started!